Gig Poster Project for Austin Convention and Visitor's Bureau

For this project, we were tasked with wrapping a classic 60's Airstream that would be Austin branded and would tour around the country. We created the concept of wrapping the Airstream with mock gig posters that spoke about each of the unique aspects of Austin–it could be anything from specific tourist locations like South Congress to the foodie culture in the city.

My team rallied all Art Directors, Copywriters, interns and everybody else that loved design, music, and Austin (of course) in the office to volunteer to make a gig poster. We would assign a band (like Food Truck) give it a twist and let them go wild with their poster design. The idea was to restrict less and direct less so we could achieve a truly eclectic collection of posters!

I was the lead creative and Art Director on the project: managing 15 different designers and 38 total posters for about a 6 week timeline.

This is my collection. A total of 9 posters. I saw this project as a design challenge, I wanted to try a different style for each poster, play with graphics, typography, photography and illustration.