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UPDATE: The City of Austin has since changed Robert E. Lee Rd. to Azie Morton Rd.

Keep Austin Weird. Not Racist.

Peaceful video-proposal to rename 'Robert. E. Lee Road' to 'Robert Plant Road' in Austin, TX

Here’s why: In Austin we’re weird, we’re gay, we’re feminist, we’re black, we’re Latino, we’re love. We ride our bikes naked, our boobs need no bra, and our streets.…well actually our streets might need some help. Robert E. Lee Road is not what represents us. If anything, we’re more like Robert Plant Road. Aren’t we the “Live Music Capital of the World,” after all? Plus, the dude actually lived here.

Is this erasing our history? Or is it a fresh start? It’s Austin. That’s what it is. That’s who we are.


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